7 Reasons Why You Will Never Regret Your Decision of Joining an Online Class for Your Preparation of UPSC

The Civil Service Examination is conducted every year by the Union Public Service Commission or UPSC to recruit the brightest minds in the country for various positions engaged in civil service to the nation. Indeed, the exam is one of the toughest competitive examinations with only about a thousand of the lakhs of candidates appearing in the exam, making it through to the training stage. It is no wonder therefore that students are trying to find new and innovative ways of cracking the exam in one go.

With the dawning of the age of the internet, the methods of study are quickly changing. The online model of studying for competitive exams was not accepted until a few years ago. The wave of digital media in India has not left the education sector untouched as more and more people resort to online means of study for their preparation. It is clearly the more convenient method.


Gone are the days when you had to spend a great amount of money to relocate to Delhi and enrol yourself in a coaching centre in the capital city to have any chance at cracking the CSE. Today the toppers of the CSE exam are spread all over the country, with most opting for online courses and app-based study options. Even people local to the Delhi area have opted for the online method.

Here is a list of 7 reasons why you will never regret joining an online class for your preparation of UPSC:

  1. Cost effective study

The online method of study is much more reasonable compared to the amount charged by coaching institutes in general. Some material is available online free of cost as well. Many of the online courses allow partial buying of material as well, with students getting to choose which sections of the syllabus they wish to buy materials on. The online method is cheaper, regardless. The transportation to the capital excluded, coaching institutes themselves demand a huge amount of money for tutoring students. The online courses hold up a better option.

  1. Self-study format

According to many professionals, the self-study format is the most scientific method of approaching competitive examinations. The online process promotes the self-study techniques among students. With all the material, syllabus and other resources available to the student, the decision making now lies with him or her. The student is allowed to approach the preparation based on his or her requirements. A successful attempt will also give him or her all the credit. Online mock tests and previous papers can be attempted. UPSC prelims answer key is also available for you to refer to.

  1. Time factor

Many candidates preparing for UPSC are often also pursuing something else on the side. Be it an academic degree or a part-time job; it takes up most of the diurnal hours which leave him or her only with the night to prepare for the CSE. None of the coaching centres accommodates nightly hours, and the online method has given them a boost in preparation. The online method is not restricted to hours limited to a particular time of day and is accessible throughout. This is of immense help to many students.

  1. Excellent material

With the wave of digital media taking over the country, the education sector has not been left untouched. With new startups every day coming up to cater to the UPSC preparations there is new competition every day, enabling all the online courses to have the very best materials available to ensure standard preparation.

  1. Updated material

Bookish knowledge has to wait till the next publication for updates, but online portals are easier and have the most updated content about the UPSC syllabus. With more competition every day, the online portals are alert and aware and offer the best that they can. Updated material is key to your UPSC preparation.

  1. All India comparison

By signing up for an online course, you can appear for online tests as well which will tell you of your faults. But an online course will also analyze your performance and offer a tentative all India rank, letting you know how you would have fared if the same exam was conducted on a nationwide level. This can be key to your understanding of the UPSC examination and maybe a shaping factor to better prepare yourself.

  1. Accessibility

Internet accessibility is a huge factor that determines online study possibility. With the Reliance Jio phenomenon, however, the problem of internet accessibility has been largely dealt with. Almost everyone has the free sim card and therefore, unlimited access to the web.

The main benefits include saving travel time and lessened finances. Keep all these factors in mind and enrol for an online course to guide your preparation today.

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