How to Test Your Company Website

The best thing you can have for your company is a great website. Without one, you will be losing out on a lot of orders. In order to put together a good site, you will need to have the right software for the design. Once you have designed your pages, you will need to host it on the internet. Depending on what company you use to host your companies web pages, it could run slow or fast. What you want is to have your page run fast. Customers require this when they are making purchases. They will not buy from a site that is running very slow. They will look to another company to do their business.

How To Test Your Web Page

There are many web page testing sites on the internet that you can visit to see just how slow or fast your pages are loading. Most of them offer this service for free. It is a simple process and takes little time to do. However, these sites will just let you know what is happening but will not be able to fix any problems there may be. You will need to install a good site management tool in order to do more than test it. These software packages will reenact an actual customer experience on your pages. It will search for an item, place it in a cart and then follow through with the purchase. This is all done virtually and not in actuality. They will use a formula to let you know what the outcome of the process was.

Fixing Potential Problems

The software will tell you where your page has difficulty and how you can make corrections. Many times, it is not your actual page that is encountering a problem but the host you are using to have it online. If this is the case, they will recommend other hosts you can go with who will improve your page performance. If it is a problem with the amount of information you have on your pages, they will give you pointers on reducing it and speeding up your page. The software can be set up to do this at different intervals. Sometimes your pages will be slower during heavy traffic periods and they can make suggestions for you at that time. You can have the software perform these tests whenever you want to.

Software that is used to test web designs and pages are easy to find if you do a search on the internet. Find one that will do what you need it to for your business. If your web page does not sell anything but provides information on something, you will want to have the correct test for this. Look at several of them before deciding on the one you will use. Incorrect software programs can have a damaging effect on your business. You could look at reviews of the program before purchasing to make sure it is the right one for your business.





Inventory Management Creating a Just in Time System for Medical Your Organization

Having the right amount of inventory on hand requires a precarious balance. Especially in a medical setting. Not having the necessary medical supplies on hand can be a nightmare. One way to prevent this is to implement an inventory management system.

Implementing a software management solution may seem quite challenging, but the benefits outweigh the time and cost. Inventory management simply applies to tracking a business’s inventory and ensuring that the business has the right balance between supply and demand. Many organizations keep track of inventory manually, however technology has advanced to the point where inventory tracking systems can be quite beneficial.

One of the main benefits of an inventory management software is maintaining an accurate database of a company’s supplies. This software is essentially a hub that allows businesses to access inventory numbers, locations and demand. Which can be quite useful for individuals who manage inventory. Instead of accessing several systems, inventory can be tracked from one data source. The system will automatically track your organization’s stock quantity and reorder items when necessary.

With the right inventory management solution in place, there is no need to have any surplus. Even products with expiration dates are carefully tracked. Tracking products with a short shelf life can be difficult. With the right system in place, each product is carefully tracked even with a short shelf life. The software will be able to easily track expiration dates, demand and cost.

The medical products tracking system must fit your organization. Cost is not the only factor. Choosing the most expensive solution may not be the right choice for your organization. Consider what your company needs and the correct technological abilities of your organization. The software must address your company’s need and provided a streamlined solution to tracking inventory. This can be easily performed by placing barcodes on all of your items. The barcodes are scanned once the inventory arrives and at the time of use. Your employees can use smartphones or tablets to track each of these items.

Take into consideration how often inventory is ordered, the number of patients your organization takes as well as how many employees will need access to the system. Training is also important to consider. Prior to choosing a solution, consider if the software will be difficult to implement and learn. Also, take into consideration how long the training will be and if the inventory management platform will be difficult to add to your current computer system. Adding new software can be challenging. Especially, if you will need to contact support due to glitches in the software. Properly researching the new software is essential for increase productivity.

The most important aspect of implementing an inventory management solution is to choose the right program. The program must be easy to learn and use. Also, the system should also work well with your company’s current computer system. In this day and age there is no excuse. There are several ways to ensure that your organization is running efficiently. Implementing a medical supply solution is one of the most beneficial.


Making the Workplace Safer for All

According to OSHA, there have been over 2 million people in the United States who report that they have been victims of violence in the workplace every single year. There are also many more cases that have happened, but they are never reported for many different reasons. Some of the factors that make some workplaces more susceptible to violence include having to do with exchanging money with the public, working with unstable people, working in an isolated area where no one is around, and or a place where alcohol is served. Many of these factors are taken into account when you are working in an environment that could possibly set you up for violence to occur. If you are trying to avoid violence at all costs, then you should probably want to avoid these types of situations. However, in many cases, this is something that cannot change. You have to try to protect yourself against possibly situations that can turn violent. It is critical to have a rapid security system in place in order to better protect staff and consumers in the workplace.

According to NSC, in the year of 2014 there were about 409 people who ended up being killed at work, due to work related tasks. On average, there were about 16 percent of deaths that occurred in the workplace in the year of 2014. Over the years, workplace violence has continued to grow significantly. Many times, workplace violence occurs unexpectedly, and many staff never thought that they would be the next victim. Environmental factors also play a role in the risks of the workplace being the next target. If you are in an environment that serves alcohol, you are more likely to face them type of violence in the workplace, because you are doing with a crowd that is not stable and that is under the influence. Many times, owners of businesses and managers try to come together to put an end to workplace violence. However, no matter what is implemented in the workplace, they cannot stop violence from happening. You never know when the next episode is going to occur in the workplace. There are angry customers, angry staff and even angry past, that may enter the workplace being violent towards others.

There isn’t much anyone can do to put an end to violence in the workplace. It is just important to understand how it works and what to do in the event of an emergency. Managers, staff and consumers need to all work together to be able to develop strategies and method to better cope with emergency situations. There are systems that can be in place to better serve the community and workplace when an emergency happens. There are systems, such as a mass notification system, that will notify the property personnel immediately, all from pushing one single button. You can also program it so that it can deliver a specific message to specific people instantly. These devices are important because it helps get help when you need it.

Overall, dealing with violence in the workplace is never a fun thing. It can be traumatizing for some and create fear for many because your life could be on the line. It is important that workplaces have a system in place to better manage emergency type situations.

How Safe Is Your Android?

A Brief Smartphone History

Believe it or not, the very first touchscreen phone was first released in 1992 and was named the IBM Simon. It was also known as the first “smartphone“, although the term would not be coined until 1995. There were quite a few other competitors in the same field, but those mobile devices with touchscreens were more like PDAs. Fast forward to 2007 and we see the Apple iPhone. And a little after that, in October 2008, the first Android smartphone was released in the form of the T-mobile G1.

With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility

After the smartphone was introduced to the world, there was immediate hype that followed. The simple regular wireless phones were far outdated with this one seemingly minor change and jump in technology. But with so many more functionalities also came some new-found issues. These issues were usually reserved for the desktops and computers of the world, but with computing power in your pocket comes computing like issues. With your mobile device having much more capabilities, it also came with more vulnerabilities such as mobile data security. Just like you run the risk of having your computer hacked, you now began to run the same risk on your phone. This problem was furthermore exponentially increased with the amount of applications that were released for the mobile devices, compounding the issue even further.

The Exemplary Android Device Example

With the increasing popularity of Android devices comes the addition of more mobile app developers. And with the addition of all new wide variety of apps comes the addition of that many more Android app permissions. What these permissions consist of is asking for the authority to use or interact with different parts and software of your mobile device. You would think that the majority of these permissions are harmless, but they can actually add to the vulnerability and security of your mobile devices wireless functionalities. For more information on mobile security, also known as “wireless security” can be found here. The aforementioned article comes packed with information from polls done by IT professionals, so you know it is some good info.

Loss Prevention At A Smartphone Near You

The margin and variety of the kinds of permissions that are requested by the multitude of mobile apps available have grown to a nearly uncountable number. That being said, you may want to be a bit more thorough when you decide to download an application. Make sure you know exactly what it is that the mobile app is asking of you and decide if it is worth the risk. Many app developers may not add security vulnerabilities to your device. However, these kind of security breaches can also occur because of a crack in the code of the mobile application. For this reason, there is now something called Data Loss Prevention (DLP) to further secure sensitive information that can be stolen from any kind of wireless device, including laptops and smartphones.



Demand generation marketing is a strategy whereby a business focuses its promotional programs to target specific markets whose primary intent is to build awareness of the company’s products and services to its clients. The demand generation form of marketing intent is to create leads for a business, leads which engage the brand and turn into sales deals.

If you still find yourself asking what is demand generation marketing? Demand generation marketing is meant to create demand for the organization’s product and services through marketing. Three key players determine the demand generation method:

  1. The Players. 
    In the implementation of demand programs to use the company has to collaborate efforts between the sales and marketing department, a schedule can be made so that roles are not reversed, and there is accountability. When engaging the players, it is necessary to establish a plan of what goals you intend to achieve then after putting the practices into action have a constant analysis to determine the level of progress.
    In this area, it is necessary to make a market assessment to ascertain the necessity of outsourcing players because some markets are extensive or dynamic in design and need expertise from outside which more impact as would have compared to the company’s efforts.
  2. The Methods. 
    Demand generation marketing implementation is done through various strategies it is then crucial for a company through its market research and data processing to focus on the method or a combination of them that drives more leads and ensures sale conversion rate is high. Examples of such methods are;
  3. Search Engine Optimization. In this method, the business makes its online visibility amplified through the use of search engine optimized tools. In this process, the industry uses an algorithm which captures the ‘keywords’ of a company’s service or product and integrates them in search engines such that, when a client keys in content related to the keywords in a search engine the company details will come up in the search results. SEO is one of the effective methods of demand generation marketing.
  4. Social Media Marketing. With the advancements in the technology most businesses are relying on social media communities to market their products, through the use of video content, images and infographics a company can use social circles that are frequented by their target clients to post their material. With sites such as Facebook having 1.45 billion average active users per day and YouTube managing an active daily 1.5 billion users, it shows that these are prime areas to target the marketing of a brand’s product and service since it is a cheap method and has a different reach.

III. Email Marketing. A company can also choose to reach its clientele through direct emails to them which is also efficient because the business gets feedback from the client and they can use the information to improve on their practices and target more clients based on the data.

  1. The goal 
    The company should have a clear set of goals of what they intend to achieve, and within what period, that way performance can be measured.