Demand generation marketing is a strategy whereby a business focuses its promotional programs to target specific markets whose primary intent is to build awareness of the company’s products and services to its clients. The demand generation form of marketing intent is to create leads for a business, leads which engage the brand and turn into sales deals.

If you still find yourself asking what is demand generation marketing? Demand generation marketing is meant to create demand for the organization’s product and services through marketing. Three key players determine the demand generation method:

  1. The Players. 
    In the implementation of demand programs to use the company has to collaborate efforts between the sales and marketing department, a schedule can be made so that roles are not reversed, and there is accountability. When engaging the players, it is necessary to establish a plan of what goals you intend to achieve then after putting the practices into action have a constant analysis to determine the level of progress.
    In this area, it is necessary to make a market assessment to ascertain the necessity of outsourcing players because some markets are extensive or dynamic in design and need expertise from outside which more impact as would have compared to the company’s efforts.
  2. The Methods. 
    Demand generation marketing implementation is done through various strategies it is then crucial for a company through its market research and data processing to focus on the method or a combination of them that drives more leads and ensures sale conversion rate is high. Examples of such methods are;
  3. Search Engine Optimization. In this method, the business makes its online visibility amplified through the use of search engine optimized tools. In this process, the industry uses an algorithm which captures the ‘keywords’ of a company’s service or product and integrates them in search engines such that, when a client keys in content related to the keywords in a search engine the company details will come up in the search results. SEO is one of the effective methods of demand generation marketing.
  4. Social Media Marketing. With the advancements in the technology most businesses are relying on social media communities to market their products, through the use of video content, images and infographics a company can use social circles that are frequented by their target clients to post their material. With sites such as Facebook having 1.45 billion average active users per day and YouTube managing an active daily 1.5 billion users, it shows that these are prime areas to target the marketing of a brand’s product and service since it is a cheap method and has a different reach.

III. Email Marketing. A company can also choose to reach its clientele through direct emails to them which is also efficient because the business gets feedback from the client and they can use the information to improve on their practices and target more clients based on the data.

  1. The goal 
    The company should have a clear set of goals of what they intend to achieve, and within what period, that way performance can be measured.

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