January Mosaic

January Mosaic

1. Grandma and Me (forty four/365), two. Peaches (forty five/365), three. Sunset on Burlington(46/365), four. Nyla in Natural Light-weight (47/365), 5. Unifix Cubes (forty eight/365), six. Unsightly Wallpaper (forty nine/365), seven. Bubble Fun (fifty/365), 8. Blimpie (fifty one/365), 9. Pink Berry Coulis (fifty two/365), ten. Moonlit Trees (53/365), 11. Can you believe that these two are related? (fifty four/365), twelve. Kiss the Paw (fifty five/365), 13. No Creativeness (fifty six/365), fourteen. It really is about time (57/365), 15. It really is Cold Outside (58/365), sixteen. Pink (59/365), seventeen. The Puppy (sixty/365), 18. Feud (61/365), 19. Taking part in with Light-weight (62/365), 20. Tears on my Guitar (63/365), 21. flickr.com/shots/[email protected]/3217122760/, 22. All in all… (sixty five/365), 23. My Heart (sixty six/365), 24. Pleasure (sixty seven/365), 25. Reflecting (sixty eight/365), 26. Old Ceiling (sixty nine/365), 27. Minimimmo (70/365), 28. On a cross catry tour (seventy one/365), 29. I approve of this sandwich (seventy two/365), thirty. Snow Slipping on Playground (seventy three/365), 31. Daphne (74/365)

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