Making the Workplace Safer for All

According to OSHA, there have been over 2 million people in the United States who report that they have been victims of violence in the workplace every single year. There are also many more cases that have happened, but they are never reported for many different reasons. Some of the factors that make some workplaces more susceptible to violence include having to do with exchanging money with the public, working with unstable people, working in an isolated area where no one is around, and or a place where alcohol is served. Many of these factors are taken into account when you are working in an environment that could possibly set you up for violence to occur. If you are trying to avoid violence at all costs, then you should probably want to avoid these types of situations. However, in many cases, this is something that cannot change. You have to try to protect yourself against possibly situations that can turn violent. It is critical to have a rapid security system in place in order to better protect staff and consumers in the workplace.

According to NSC, in the year of 2014 there were about 409 people who ended up being killed at work, due to work related tasks. On average, there were about 16 percent of deaths that occurred in the workplace in the year of 2014. Over the years, workplace violence has continued to grow significantly. Many times, workplace violence occurs unexpectedly, and many staff never thought that they would be the next victim. Environmental factors also play a role in the risks of the workplace being the next target. If you are in an environment that serves alcohol, you are more likely to face them type of violence in the workplace, because you are doing with a crowd that is not stable and that is under the influence. Many times, owners of businesses and managers try to come together to put an end to workplace violence. However, no matter what is implemented in the workplace, they cannot stop violence from happening. You never know when the next episode is going to occur in the workplace. There are angry customers, angry staff and even angry past, that may enter the workplace being violent towards others.

There isn’t much anyone can do to put an end to violence in the workplace. It is just important to understand how it works and what to do in the event of an emergency. Managers, staff and consumers need to all work together to be able to develop strategies and method to better cope with emergency situations. There are systems that can be in place to better serve the community and workplace when an emergency happens. There are systems, such as a mass notification system, that will notify the property personnel immediately, all from pushing one single button. You can also program it so that it can deliver a specific message to specific people instantly. These devices are important because it helps get help when you need it.

Overall, dealing with violence in the workplace is never a fun thing. It can be traumatizing for some and create fear for many because your life could be on the line. It is important that workplaces have a system in place to better manage emergency type situations.

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