Many Uses for Podiums in The Work Place

When you think of a podium what is the first thought that comes to mind? Many people will instantly think of a lecture hall with a professor at the front behind his podium. His notes and books are spread out on the surface while he’s talking to his devoted students. A podium will usually come equipped with a sound enhancer such as a microphone so that his students can adequately hear his lesson. This description paints the perfect picture of a podium being used but if you think really hard you will come up with many other reasons why a person would need to be stationed behind a podium.

If you have ever attended a church service of any type you will most likely remember that the sermon was delivered from behind a podium. Pulpits are very popular in churches. These are usually large wooden and have a sturdy design. The top is large enough to hold papers and a book and there are shelves designed into the podium to accommodate a cup of water or other necessities for the speaker during their speech. These are also commonly found in board rooms. When an office meeting is scheduled, and employees are gathered around conference tables there will usually be a speaker at the front of the room utilizing a podium. A podium may be smaller and be made of only a thin base and a top to hold a few things. These smaller designs are ideal for small meetings. Other places to locate a podium are in classrooms. Teachers in elementary schools, middle schools and high schools use small to medium sized ones to hold some of their lessons. These are not equipped with microphones because their voices do not need to be projected against large rooms. Conference rooms in convention centers also have podiums.

A podium can either be stationary are movable. A moveable podium is light weight and sometimes built on wheels. These can be placed anywhere in a room to accommodate the speaker and the audience. Stationary ones are very heavy, and they are often centered in a room and not moved. They are designed of wood or metal and sometimes a combination of both. Some are also equipped to have electric and have built in lights for reading materials in dark rooms.

When you are acquiring a podium, you should consider the reasons why you will be using it. If you think that your work load may increase or that the size of your audience will grow over the next few years than you may want to purchase a larger podium. A small podium may be efficient for the time being but if you will need a larger one with built in shelves or lighting in the near future then you should acquire that type. Some podium companies offer free delivery. If you want a permanent podium you will want to inquire as to whether the podium manufacturing and distribution company can accommodate that or if they have a referral for a carpenter that can make your podium stationary.

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