Strategic Technologies Strategy

The Texas ePlan technique is an electronic resource offered by the Texas Education Agency that allows districts and charter schools to prepare and submit a technologies program in a absolutely on the internet procedure. Examples of particular school goals and implementing techniques are provided in Appendix 3. Though the concepts and examples shown in these two appendices are college-connected, most need to be simply adapted for library plans. The strategy should establish clear ambitions and a realistic approach for using telecommunications and information technology to improve education or library solutions. Determine persons who have stake in the success of the district and these anticipated to implement the strategy.

This strategy outlines the strengths and weaknesses of our technology programs and clearly sets defined objectives for the future. In the 2014-15 year, the California Department of Education (CDE) collaborated with nearby technologists to consolidate technologies plan content into a single template, and set of criteria and guiding questions. To enable districts time to acclimate to the new technology preparing process, it will be rolled out over the subsequent few years in a phased approach. One recommendation to meeting this requirement is to start off with a common mission or vision statement.

If you have already submitted your college or district improvement strategy you do not need to reopen it. Plans do not have to be reopened in order to modify activities. The plan must involve an evaluation method that enables the college or library to monitor progress toward the specified goals and make mid-course corrections in response to new developments and possibilities as they arise. Portions of the funding plan dependent on the approval of E-price discounts should be clearly identified. The College Profile contains an overview of The New College and its Mission and Vision.

One particular excellent beginning point on the net is the U.S. Division of Education’s technologies page listing sources obtainable by state. Far more broadly, technology plans authorized for E-rate purposes should cover all services included in an applicant’s E-price application. It is split into two principal sections, School Profile and Technologies Strategy, and consists of an attached appendix.

Technology arranging really should be integrated into the School Improvement Procedure and MDE considers technologies organizing to be common very best practice. The 5 TFAs are interwoven throughout the Technologies Program as a way of insuring a comprehensive, workable program is designed that maintains a concentrate by way of the six key sections of the plan. In order for technologies use to be focused and aligned with the school’s mission and vision, a Technologies Program ought to be created.

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