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Identifier: educationalpsych00gord
Title: Academic psychology
Yr: 1917 (1910s)
Authors: Gordon, Kate
Topics: Academic psychology
Publisher: New York : H. Holt and company
Contributing Library: College of California Libraries
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the propernumber of hrs of rest for older young children have beenassembled by Terman ^^^ as presented in Desk V. Desk V Agb 6 seven eight nine ten 11 12 thirteen fourteen 15 sixteen seventeen 18 Authority Duke…. 131^ thirteen 12!^ 12 IIV^ 11 ten^ ten ten nine^^ nine nine eight!^ Bernhard . ~ 11 11 11 ten!^ lOU ten ten nine]^ Hertel . 11 ten!^ ten!^ ten ten nine% ^fourteen 94 nine nine eight% .. .. Claparede im livi 111^ lOV^ ten!^ nine!^ nine^ OV^ nine nine ManaceineU 11 11 11 ten ten nine]^ ninety four eight^ 8V^ eight eight-seven .. Krollich 11 11 11 11 ten!^ 10^ ten ten nine)^ nine nine eight)^ eight]4 Btal. Andress ^ uncovered, from documents of a group of forty-9 pupils, that individuals whose common age was be-tween eighteen and nineteen decades slept, on the aver-age, 8 hcurs and fifty-three minutes, individuals 38 Academic PSYCHOLOGY between 20 and 20-a person decades old slept, onthe common, 8 hrs and thirty-4 minutes.There appear to be to be wide unique variants in theamount of rest required regardless of whether by grown ups or young children.The good quality or depth of rest has been studied inthe adhering to way: The experimenter, Kohlsehlit-

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0123 456 789 ten UHOURS Fig. five. ter,^° dropped a ball from varying heights upon ametal plate, and in this way decided how louda sound was essential to waken a sleeping matter.This was tried out for the different hrs of the subjectssleep time period. Fig. five demonstrates the top in centimeters(on the ordinate) which the ball had to fall in orderto waken the sleeper just after a certain amount of hrs Expansion OF Conduct. Instinct 39 of rest (as proven on the abscissa). The generalform of this curve has been confirmed by other investi-gators for auditory, tactile, and electrical stimuli. Itindicates that rest attains its highest depth at theend of an hour, or an hour and a 50 percent, and that itbecomes progressively lighter for the afterwards hrs. Animportant suggestion is created by Seashore ^^^ in viewof this simple fact. He writes: From this we may perhaps derivea basic principle of psychological economy. Minimize shorter the longlight rest of the late early morning hrs and substitute ashort rest at some favorable time through the workday. . . .

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Identifier: educationalpsych00gord
Title: Instructional psychology
Year: 1917 (1910s)
Authors: Gordon, Kate
Subjects: Instructional psychology
Publisher: New York : H. Holt and company
Contributing Library: College of California Libraries
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FlG. 21A. Fig. 21B. pears, for case in point with visible feeling, that theintensity of the stimulus prolongs the durations ofvisibility, which alternate with the durations of invisi-bility. Similar fluctuations might be analyzed in thediagrams of Fig. 21, while we may possibly get in touch with themfluctuations as concerning different interpretations of thefigures. The topic fixates the middle line of thebook-address a, and documents, by pressing a critical connectedwith a kymograph, the modifications as the middle line

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Fig. 21C. Gabriel Maxs CiikistusThe eyes show up to open up and near. Awareness, Emotion, AND WILL 229 appears now around, now significantly. The very same method isfollowcnl for h and c. It will normally be located thatthe complicated objects, the shaded blocks and the facegive less fluctuations than the sinijiler item, thebook-address. Revealed outcomes on this place might befound in a paper by Fliigel,^^* and in 1 by me.*^*^Whether or not these modifications depend npon • peripheral or central factors does not problem us in this article, due to the fact,on possibly supposition, the point of complexity of figureand the point of steadiness of interpretation go with each other.Can we go to to extra than 1 thiug at a time,and if so, how many ? Exams of the span of con-sciousness evaluate the selection of impressions or ofsmall objects which can be accurately apprehended ata provided prompt of time. For visible and auditoryimpressions this selection is about 5 to 7. Thenumber improves fairly with age, but according tothe outcomes of Whipple is not suscep

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