Constructivism Learning Theory

Constructivism, while fairly new in its existing kind, has deep historical roots. He is credited with bringing constructivism to the forefront of international relations, but other important constructivist theorists consider Wendt to be as well concerned with states and with the material aspects of energy and of the international program to actually be a constructivist theorist. Taking Stock: The Constructivist Investigation System in International Relations and Comparative Politics.” Annual Critique of Political Science 4 (2001): 391-416. Along with Wendt 1999 (cited under Alexander Wendt ), 1 of the two most widely read and most vital constructivist works.

Onuf 1989 could be thought of the foundational text of constructivist IR theory, but it lacks the wide readership vital to attain that level of prominence. Similarly, Bull 1995 (initially published in 1977) is a foundational text of the English School” and is arguably not a constructivist text at all. This book is on undergraduate and graduate syllabi across the globe, and along with Wendt 1999 (cited below Alexander Wendt ), played a significant part in situating constructivism as the third big theoretical paradigm.

Anarchy is What States Make of It: The Social Construction of Energy Politics.” International Organization 46 (1992): 391-425. It differs from realism in that constructivism points out the meanings that underlie the material aspects of power. Williams 2004 hyperlinks constructivism to classical realism through the perform of Hans J. Morgenthau. Probably his most essential perform, Wendt 1999 , is the first main try to mount a cohesive social theory of international politics. World of Our Generating: Rules and Rule in Social Theory and International Relations.

The third major aspect in standard constructivism is identity and the notion that both who you assume you are and who other folks believe you are affects state behavior. Snyder offers his take on the fundamental principles of constructivism and compares them to the standard principles of the other main schools of thought in international-relations theory—realism and liberalism. Klotz and Lynch 2007 offers an extraordinarily valuable volume about performing research employing constructivist theory, which any individual making use of constructivism as the basis for their research must read.

Dessler 1999 looks at Katzenstein 1996 (cited under Identity ) from a positivist point of view and discusses constructivism and positivism in a clear and understandable way. In that series Kubálková 1998 provides a common overview of constructivist theory. The Promise of Constructivism in International Relations Theory.” International Safety 23 (1998): 171-200.

For the simplest explanation of constructivism, see Snyder 2004 , which gives short summaries of realism, liberalism, and constructivism and compares and contrasts them for the reader. Huntington 1993 is not an example of constructivist theory, nor could Huntington be considered a constructivist even so, his theory is incredibly useful in understanding how identity affects behavior. Unofficially, a good assessment of Wendt 1999 Smith defines Wendt’s theory and what he tries to accomplish in a far far more clear and precise manner than Wendt himself.

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