The Elements of a Tudor Watch

Many people may not know this, but Tudor and Rolex were founded by the same man, Hans Wilsdorf. The purpose of a Tudor watch was to be a reasonably priced version of the Rolex watch. However, Tudor watches have withstood the test of time because they are durable, reliable and luxurious. Before buying a Tudor watch on a website such as, it’s important to understand more about the Tudor style.

The Tudor Watch Style Includes More of Its Modern Elements

The more recent Tudor watch collections are throwback to the designs of the original collections. For instance, Tudor watches were first produced in 1958. One of the watches produced was the Tudor Oyster Prince 7965. It has the hour markers at noon and 6 o’clock. The glossy black dial highlighted by the lacquered finish is back again in recent watch models.

Along with the double marker at the two hour marks, it has a discreet minute tracking. Most watches in the Tudor collection have only minute and hour hands. The watch face also has a classic white date disc. This makes the dial easy to read.

The Case is Another Classic Feature of a Tudor Watch

A Tudor watch case size varies from 28 mm to 41 mm. The case also features a beautiful combination of a polished steel surface and satin finish. Above the case band, a person will notice the satin finish is connected to sapphire crystal. The interplay between the finish and surface a beautiful mix of elegance and sophistication.

Each Tudor Watch Pays Homage to Yesteryear with its Symbol

The earlier Tudor watches used to have the Rolex symbol on the crown. Tudor has its own symbol, a distinctive shield. The symbols usually are imprinted multiple times on the back of the case. It logo on the crown separates the company name and place of origin. The watch has the company name on the clasp. This added another element to the Tudor style.

Picking a Tudor Watch as a Gift

Many people buy a Tudor watch for themselves. However, if the watch is for a friend, a spouse or family member, it’s important to pick the watch by personal style. A Tudor watch has beautiful and distinct elements. The company also makes the watches with various designs. Thus, a person should decide whether to buy a Tudor watch for a special occasion or for everyday use. Another way to determine which is the right Tudor watch is whether it is pre-owned or brand new. Both options are available online.

It is Easy to Distinguish a Tudor Watch from Another Watch

Attention to detail is what makes the Tudor different from any other watch, including a Rolex. The watch has a blend of impressive details such as a black lacquered dial, beautiful folding clasp and surface treatments. The Tudor watch style continues to change and improve. The appeal of a Tudor watch will ensure for generations and remained unchanged by fads and trends.

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